Goal settings, to do lists, successful people, we hear about them all the time, even here on Silver Lining Ideas site. However, there are some moments in life, when we do not know how to carry on. We feel that we are supposed to figure out how to continue our lives, what to do next, but our brains are sometimes empty and we have no idea what to do.

A couple of years ago I could only think on was finishing my marketing master degree while I had a full time job. I prepared hard for the exams, I finished my thesis, I succesfully passed the final exam as well. I was really happy, I celebrated. And it ended suddenly. The question hit me: what am I going to do? I did not think about what to do next. “Should I start working as a marketing expert? Should I continue my old job? And by the way what should I do with all the freetime I have without school?” I had similar feelings later on as well. Usually after a success or even after a great disappointment. Later I learnt to accept that there are periods in life when we do not know how to carry on and that is totally fine.

Photo by Frank K from Pexels

Don’t Panic

Ambitious people tend to feel nervous when they do not know immediately what will be their next goal. It is totally normal that you need a little bit of time to understand what is you truly want. In addition, it is even better if you take your time, dig deeper to find your goal which represents your inner desires and not external expectations. If you feel urged to set a goal, your goal could be to find your specific goal.


There must be a bunch of things in life you “always wanted to try”, like a bucket list. If you don’t have any tasks with high priority, why don’t you use this time to explore what is on your bucket list? It could be a new freetime activity, studying something new or even something related to work, if you like it, later you can get to know it even better.

Be Lazy and Relax

If you have focused hard on something, you may have forgotten how to have rest. Let yourself to relax a little bit. Reload your batteries, do activities that you truly enjoy and which give you energy.

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Observe Yourself

While you try out new activities or even relaxing with old habits, observe yourself. What do you prefer to do mostly? What makes your heart beat faster? What are the activities that you can do anytime? Observe yourself for a while and make notes about the results. If you have enough information, check the trends. Do you see any correlation? It is totally ok if you cannot see any, observe for a longer period.

There are plenty of opportunities which you can do even when you do not know what to do. We all have moments when we don’t know immediately how to carry on. If you feel stuck since a longer period, you may ask help. What does longer period mean? It means what you feel long enough. An external point of view usually can help you to understand better your problem or even to resolve it. Your family and friends must be eager to help you with their advices. Or you can turn to an expert as well such as a consultant or mentor. I can help you with coaching if you feel stuck. Contact me and we will discuss the details.

Cover photo: Pixabay on Pexels