Coaching is an excellent method to help someone to reach his/her goals and get through setbacks. However, it is still a new area and therefore many misunderstandings connect to it. During the past years I’ve heard excuses and misbeliefs about coaching and I would like to clarify them. Here are the top 3 excuses why not to hire a coach.

1 “I am OK, I don’t need a coach.”

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I have good news for you, you can also turn to a coach even if you you are okay. It is possible that most things are OK, but you want something more or something else. You would like to do something better, develop even more. It is very rare that someone is perfectly satisfied with his/her life and does not want to change anything. I believe the secret of success is continuous development, being better than ourselves each day. And what does better mean to you? A coach can help you to make a definition for yourself.

2 “I don’t need anyone’s advice.”

Good for you, but let me tell you, a coach won’t give you any advice. If you have ever read any article about coaching, than you know that coaching is not consulting. A coach won’t tell you what to do. How could he/she possibly know what is the best for you? You know what is the best for you. A coach helps you with questions, tasks, provides a frame for you development. We usually say a he/she holds a mirror in which you can reflect on yourself.

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3, “I have a special problem in my profession, how could anyone help in this who doesn’t get my area of expertise?”

Based on the previous paragraphs, you probably understand now that a coach won’t tell the solution to your problem. He/she doesn’t know the solution. A coach helps you through the process. This usually means checking where you are now, what you would like to achieve, what ways can lead you to the goal and after choosing your path the coach helps you to go on it. A coach helps to bring out the best of you by asking the right questions. A coach helps you to see you problem from different point of view.

Coaching is a really effective method if you want to change something in your life. But it is not the one and only method. In addition, sometimes it is not even suggested to use a coach’s help. I would like to highlight the following cases form Forbes article when not to hire a coach:

1, I want someone to fix what's wrong with my life.
2, I need help with deep-seated psychological issues
3, I'd like a wise friend.

If those points above aren’t true for yourself, don’t hesitate to turn to a coach if you think external help is needed. Until you are searching, why not to start a diary?

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