I have heard from many friends that 2020 was a rubbish year which should be thrown it away. I also had some difficult times, and the year of 2020 didn’t go at all as I planned it. On the other hand, if I check my photos, I see so many happy moments…and not only because I don’t make pics with my disappointed face on. Positive things did happen in 2020.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Before jumping to the questions, I would like to clarify that positive thinking does not mean hide our negative feelings or ignore bad things. The purpose of the questions is to see the positive things too. We tend to notice threats and negative things instinctively. Not the positive thing. This is why it is worth to focus intentionally on the good things. The questions below can help you to do that. Look at them, choose a couple of them or all of them and think about your answer. The questions refer to 2020, but you can read them again any time when you want to focus on the good things.

  1. When did you feel energetic?
  2. What kind of positive feedback did you receive?
  3. What kind of positive feedback did you give?
  4. When did you feel inspired? What inspired you?
  5. Finish the sentence: “I feel grateful for….”
  6. Who supported you the most?
  7. Whom did you support the most?
  8. What moments made you proud?
  9. Describe a joyful moment as detailed as possible. Or more moments.
  10. What was the biggest learning of the year for you?
  11. What else did you learn?
  12. How will you use what you learnt in 2020 in the year of 2021?
  13. What pleasant moments did you have?
  14. What things, events, people do you appreciate?
  15. How did you discover the beauty of nature this year? What did you see?
  16. What dreams, desires, wishes and goals of yours were realized in 2020?
  17. What results did you achieve?
  18. How did you release stress?
  19. What creative things did you do?
  20. How did you overcome challenges?
  21. How did you reload your batteries?
  22. How did you maintain your well-being?
  23. What were the funniest moments for you?
  24. Give positive feedback to yourself
Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

If you prefer to have a more complex year evaluation, read again my article about closing 2018. The questions are still relevant, only your answers will be different. You can also do a self-reflections with the methods mentioned in this article. As 2020 was challenging to all of us, I highly recommend to emphasize the good things. If you feel like sharing the best moments of 2020 with others, comment this post on Facebook. Let’s remind each other on the pleasant events of 2020.

**Cover photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels**